Getting To Know Jeffrey Derose

Jeffrey Derose is a digital strategist helping startups and small businesses build & monetize their customer base digitally. He currently works at the City University of New York — College of Staten Island as the Director of the CSI Tech Incubator where he leads a robust technological ecosystem with strategic mentors, industry professionals, faculty, sponsors, government leaders, and more. Jeffrey is an incredible asset to entrepreneurs in not only NYC but all over the U.S.. His experiences and his wisdom are an asset to any and all entrepreneurs and we hope you enjoy our discussion with him on skills, important questions, his work, and wishes for technology.

NYTA: What is the one skill you feel is essential for all tech entrepreneurs?

JD: One skill that is essential for all tech entrepreneurs is having the ability to self improve. On your journey you will find the only thing you have control over is yourself. The better you get at mastering yourself, the better you can perform in the real world.

NYTA: What’s the most important question for an entrepreneur?

JD: Are you ready to sacrifice comfort and materialism to build your dream? Entrepreneurship is an extremely challenging journey. You might not be able to go to events, go shopping, go on vacations etc., all while putting in a lot of hours and not getting much pay in return. If you can live below your means for a few years and build, you might find yourself living a life that people only dream of.

NYTA: What excites you the most in the tech world?

JD: Tech is one of the few spaces where status, money, and degrees do not matter. If you can commit yourself to learning how to code or building products that solve problems for people, you will have a lot of opportunities. All you need is an internet connection and a few online courses to learn how to code or build a business.

NYTA: What is the best advice you’ve ever received from a mentor or otherwise?

JD: Making money is about providing value, how can you provide value to customers? This is something my old boss used to always say to me.

NYTA: What is the best part of your job?

JD: Getting to help people from underserved communities build businesses and innovate! A lot of people would love to have the autonomy I have to drive impact for communities of color.

NYTA: What Sci-Fi tech do you wish you could have in your life right now?

JD: Free WiFi and Solar panels that can convert 100% of the sun’s energy. It sounds simple but it would be transformative for our society. So many people would be lifted out of poverty and imagine what humans could develop with a free and infinite source of energy.

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