Making Our Community Stronger with the Help of NationBuilder

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Much of our work centers around connecting the NYC tech ecosystem. Creating pathways and driving access to the abundant resources available to our dynamic community are two key activities we employ to foster innovation. This work is challenging to do on our own, which is why we rely on critical and necessary partners to help get this job done. Managing data, communication tasks, and an array of other items related to this effort drove us to seek a software partner that not only has one of the most robust systems I’ve come across, but also really understands the ethos, culture, and power of community and change.

We are extremely excited to take this opportunity and introduce you to our newest partner, NationBuilder. They are a software company that powers many impactful organizations from small grassroots to large nonprofits, making it easier for them to connect with their communities and drive action.

In my search for the best software to support our robust and expansive community, I looked at more than a dozen potential solutions — everything from donation management systems to startups that were just beginning in the community space. None of them quite provided the unifying systems I was looking for until I came across NationBuilder. What really caught my attention was their robust system built to help organizations like ours manage everything across all functions. Our website is now supported by the NationBuilder platform, and it is our goal to continue to centralize as much of our event management and communications over the coming months so that we can provide you with better and more scalable services.

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Our new website supported by NationBuilder

Beyond the tech, just like in this ecosystem, it is really the people that built and power NationBuilder who make the biggest impact on their partners. Under the leadership of CEO and Co-founder, Lea Endres, the truths, values, and mission that drive the company and its people reach through every part of the company and product. Each and every team member I have been connected to — from sales representatives, to implementation specialists, to their partnership and leadership teams — all speak the same language: the language of leadership, galvanizing action, and of harnessing the power of a connected community.

It is this combination of great technology and phenomenal people that makes NationBuilder such a natural partner in our journey to connect this amazing community, as we work to create a better future for all!

I encourage you to learn more about NationBuilder’s products and services, but I especially encourage you to learn more about their founder, Jim Gilliam, who believed, “God is just what happens when humanity is connected.” Read about their mission to “build the infrastructure for a world of creators by helping leaders develop and organize thriving communities,” and the values, truths, and philosophy driving that mission, and you will understand why our two organizations are so strongly aligned.

We look forward to working together to make the NYC tech ecosystem the most diverse, dynamic, and accessible in the world!

Visit our new website now:

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Our mission at NY Tech Alliance is to foster the technology community and ecosystem in our hometown, with the goal of creating a better future for all.

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